0415 558 818

0415 558 818

Community Housing Corner

Request a repair

For general and urgent repairs please email [email protected] or fill out the form below.

If possible please include any photos that can be helpful.

    Please see CHC response times for repairs to be repairs competed;

    • Emergency within 24 hours
    • Urgent within five (5) days
    • General repairs within 28 days

    Emergency Contact Repairs

    First point of call is CHC PTY LTD
    Armando  – 0415 558 818

    If Armando is unreachable please contact

    Electrical Repairs

    Quick Spark
    John  – 0418 110 152

    Plumbing Repairs

    EC Greening
    Paul – 0408 090 311

    Emergencies Repairs are considered as follows:

    • A burst water service
    • A blocked or broken toilet
    • A serious roof leak
    • A gas leak
    • A dangerous electrical fault
    • Flooding or storm damage
    • Serious fire or storm damage
    • A breakdown of the water, gas or electricity
    • A failure or breakdown of any essential service such as hot water service or stove
    • A fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure

    When reporting repairs or maintenance issues, please note that you are required to inform CHC PTY LTD as soon as possible.